Davide Stennett

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Davide’s creativity and artistry was apparent from early childhood.  His broad vision and skillful execution of branding and marketing strategies has been continuously enhanced through extensive global travel.  His life has been defined by the simple elements of design: line, shape, form, colors, and texture.
“These things all culminate into something that is either pleasing or displeasing to the eye, to the mind, and to the spirit.  There is very little in between,” say Davide.  “Humans have a visceral response to things that are beautiful.  Pretty things give us comfort and make us happy, even if only for a moment.”  He continues, “and it doesn’t matter if it’s a room that you walk into, an item of clothing that catches your eye, or a soaring mountainous landscape
that you see somewhere, we are feeling creatures.”

Davide has unceasingly had his hands on anything that challenged his creativity.  His ability to see light as it saturates color, and brightens the world is second only to his ability to visualize, conceptualize and render what many people cannot.

He is a master at creating order and continuity from the abstract while sometimes deconstructing the rigid and
the fixed. These are the attributes that make him an artist and also a celebrated designer.  He is skillful at touching the human psyche through art and design. Davide wasn’t always an apparel designer.  For decades his dreams were placed on the back burner while he consulted others with creative direction, imaging, branding and marketing. As a result, calling himself a designer was never at the forefront of his mind.

From CONVERSE ALL-STAR, SONY COLUMBIA ENTERTAINMENT, NBA ALL-STARS WEEKEND, and PEPSI COLA, to REEBOK, PHAT FARM, CROSS COLOURS, and SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, Davide has been the “go-to” entity, primarily in the fashion and entertainment industries, for his mastery of the creative marketing, design, promotions, and branding process. Davide obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Romance Languages from Western Connecticut State University. His only formal design training came from a summer class in draping that he took at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.   

Benefiting from international travel, Davide is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. Among his career achievement is becoming one of the most celebrated professors of entrepreneurship, marketing, international business, and promotional strategies at F.I.D.M. (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles. His most notable accomplishment, for which he has gained national notoriety, is that of Marketing Director for Cross Colours Clothing Company.  The company amassed and unprecedented $80 million in sales revenue by only its second year of operations.

“Change is what defines us. It’s what makes us who we are. From Jamaica to the U.S. to Italy - - where I first fell in love with fashion and design - - I have lived my life in living color and with style. My collection is an expression of that amazing journey. My clothing is an invitation for you to come along for the ride!” 

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